I’m a User Experience Designer based in Copenhagen. I research, sketch, prototype, test and repeat.

Ronnie S. Jakobsen
UX’er by heart and profession

I’m a big picture thinker who strives to change the world one user experience at a time. I put the end users front and center in everything I design and think the best way of doing so is being face-to-face with real people. I enjoy collaborating with people from different backgrounds and believe team diversity to be key in coming up with great solutions to complex problems.

Beyond work, I’m into music, art, technology and architecture. I enjoy exploring the world with my camera in hand and riding my motorcycle around town on sunny days.

Ronnie S. Jakobsen

Guiding Principles

Show Don’t Tell

Make ideas tangible. Concrete beats abstract.

Humans Before Systems

It’s never about technology. Empathize with the people you design for.

Convenience is King

Simple always wins. It’s that simple.

Inspire Confidence

Take your users by the hand. Let them act without doubt.

Keep it Accessible

People are different. Design for everyone under all circumstances.

When in Doubt – Test!

Get rid of assumptions and uncertainties. The user is always right.







  • Danish  |  Native speaker, very meticulous
  • English  |  Fluent in speech and writing, TOEFL score: 112/120