I’m a contemplative thinker – I act, observe, reflect and repeat. These are some of my insights.

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  • Hotjar Cinema Cover

    Hotjar Cinema

    I came up with a simple and engaging team activity for cultivating empathy with our users. The concept revolves around watching hand-picked user session recordings together in a cinema-like setting. All the team members have to do is to kick back and enjoy the show.

  • The Disposable User Panel Cover

    The Cheap, Fast and Easy Way to Recruit Users

    For the past year I’ve been experimenting and fine tuning a light weight recruitment method which makes it possible to recruit 5 random users within a few days with a very reasonable amount of money and effort.

  • Internal Guerilla Test with Alias Cover

    Internal Guerilla Test with Alias

    Guerilla testing in semi-public places such as cafés and malls can be a tall order if you represent a large commercial organization. Testing re-skinned prototypes on co-workers from other departments provides a great alternative.

  • The Two-Step Guide to Making Facebook Useful Cover

    The Two-Step Guide to Making Facebook Useful

    The Facebook News Feed is designed to maximize the amount of time you spend in front of the screen. This simple guide shows how to avoid falling into the distraction trap and focus on the useful aspects of Facebook such as Events, Groups and Messages.

  • SXSW 2018 Cover

    My Key Takeaways from SXSW 2018

    South by Southwest is a massive festival/conference with countless events ranging from country music concerts to VR cinema. Since it’s only humanly possible to attend about 2% of these everyone has their own personal experience. What follows is a recap of mine.

  • Online Design Tools and Resources Cover

    Great Online Design Tools and Resources

    This is an ongoing collection of online stuff I find incredibly useful working as a UX Designer. It is meant as a tribute giving kudos where kudos are due and a place where fellow UX Designers can find inspiration.