Connecting friends of friends in housing need

The housing situation for young people in Copenhagen is notoriously terrible, especially for students on a budget. As our final project in the course ‘Design for Digital Communication Platforms’ team JUSDES decided to combat this unfortunate tendency.

All of the group members had observed an abundance of Facebook messages going something like ‘Do you know someone who knows someone who has a room for rent?’ and knew by personal experience that having common friends was by far the most effective way of getting a place to live in the city. Thus we set out to create a housing portal integrated with Facebook to automatically track how the users were connected through common friends who could in turn initiate and approve the communication between future landlord and tenant.

The project was awarded with the highest grade on the Danish grading scale and came to serve as an example of good design for the coming students of the course.



  • Design for Digital Communication Platforms


  • Graduate Student


  • Functional prototype
  • Project report