Informing and entertaining the resident community

Eager to experiment with the knowledge and tools I had acquired studying Business Administration and Organizational Communication at Copenhagen Business School I challenged myself with the mission of contributing to the sense of community among the residents at Industrikollegiet by informing them about what was decided in the residents’ council in a fun and engaging way.

I wanted a versatile yet regular format for the newsletter. Thus I created a standard template having a header, three columns of paragraph text and room for one or two dynamic boxes for additional information and announcements. This format were to be be used consistently from month to month. The header always contained the same information, but had a different background image of photos I had taken around the kollegium.

The project came to an end when I was appointed president of the residents’ council and didn’t feel like I could distribute an unbiased view of the decisions made. The newspaper was generally well liked and can still be found hanging on message boards in some of the common kitchens.



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  • Monthly newsletter