Easy access voting at Copenhagen Business School

As part of my voluntary work for CBS Students I joined the group tasked to promote the yearly election for the Study Board and Academic Council at Copenhagen Business School. I contributed to the campaign with a website built from scratch in Drupal and the communication campaign concept called “Vote or …” where the ellipsis could be filled out by campaign officials or students alike to fit any occasion. The general idea of the concept was that students had to vote if they wanted to keep their right to express an opinion about the circumstances of their education.

The posters for the campaign featured a monochrome image of a girl with a black rectangle covering her mouth communicating a “Vote or shut up” version of the slogan. The purpose of the website was to make it easy for people to understand what they were voting for and who they could vote for. The campaign site, located on the domain functioned as a polished and usable surface to an otherwise crude and dated digital voting system. On each page the visitor would literally have a big green button with the label ‘Vote’ – signaling that “voting is as easy as pressing a button”.

The website was exposed to the students around campus on iPads and the result was stunning. For the first time in the history of CBS the voting percentage had reached 30% and surpassed the voting percentage at Roskilde University which had always been notoriously high due to the political focus of their educations.



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